Yeah! Now that we've tied the knot we need a little time to relax from all the planning and digest this gargantuesque dinner !

In lieu of a conventional gift registry we have decided  to have a honeymoon registry instead for our honeymoon trip to ....... Kauai!!!
We'll be leaving 2 days after the wedding for a relaxing week on the most northern  and pristine island of the Hawaiian archipelago. Below are some of the things (activities) we plan to do.

Thank you in advance! 

Diving with sharks !
Hopefully, the most thrilling part of our trip! Nothing in the water can scare Sarita anymore. After
diving 135 ft deep with reef sharks into the blue hole (Belize), Sarita is now looking forward to
swimming with the Kauai local's aquatic life!
We plan on taking a one day trip to the local reef for 2 dives into the warm waters off Kauai.
                                                                              Price per gift: $80
Waterfall excursion
We'll begin our excursion by hiking to the ranch lookout point, where a breathtaking view of
the entire north shore awaits. The view from this lookout is a 360 degree panorama of lush
mountains, jungle and crystal blue ocean unmatched anywhere else on the island.
Trekking onward, a short hike through pastureland leads us into a lush, tropical paradise.
Our guide will help us learn about the native and introduced plants as we descend to a
beautiful cascading 100 ft. waterfall, where we can swim, take pictures under the falls, relax,
and enjoy a delicious lunch.
                                                                            Price per gift: $80
One Day Car Hire
We'll need this in order to explore the rest of the island and get to all our excursions!
                                                                           Price per gift: $40
Na Pali Sunset dinner on the water
Sightseeing: view Kauai's amazing Na Pali Coast Catch a glimpse of dolphins, sea turtles
birds and flying fish. A trained naturalist will interpret the behaviors of kauai's ever acrobatic
marine life, and share ancient Hawaiian history along with ecology of the coastline.
                                                                   Price per gift: $115
Ultimate Kauai adventure
Will Squyres Helicopter Tours lets us discover Kauai's most inspiring mountains, magical
caves, enticing waterways, and unique flora and fauna, all from a safe and comfortable seat
aboard their spacious, air-conditioned ASTAR 350 touring helicopter. We'll enjoy panoramic
views of Kauai through custom bubble windows.
Here are just a few of the thrilling sights that await us: 
Waimea Canyon—one of Kauai's most spectacular landmarks, seen at its grandest from
above.  Mt. Waialeale—known as the wettest spot on earth, with an average annual rainfall
of 40 ft.!   Wailua Falls—also known as Fantasy Island Waterfalls, for its weekly cameo
appearance on the TV show of the same name.  Na Pali Coast—with its dramatic, razor-
sharp cliffs, it's spellbinding,  especially from this vantage point. The home of Bali Hai
(as seen in South Pacific) really is calling us!                                                        
                                                                 Price per gift: $175
Breakfast in Bed
Just the start we need before our many adventures around the island 
                                                                      Price per gift: $40
Brunch by the beach
Lazy mornings after a nice sleep in, having brunch by the pool or on the beach                                                            
                                                                        Price per gift: $40
Beverage at the local bars
Intimate evenings of great music, exotic cocktails, dancing, and canoodling at our
nearby beach bar.                                                              
                                                                        Price per gift: $35
One Speedo, One Bikini, and Two Big Smiles!
  Well maybe not the speedos but some new beach attire will be essential for our
  Paradise Hawaiian Style. Not sure if Sarita has quite enough swimsuits.
                                                                      Price per gift: $80
Kauai Cove Cottages are on a nice quiet lane in the beaten path and yet still within walking distance to Poipu Beaches....
The plumeria room we have booked has a Hawaiian tropical decor, with vaulted ceilings and a queen size bamboo four-poster bed. Complete with a kitchenette and a private patio area with a barbecue grill.
                                                                                                                            Price per gift: $100
Kauai Cove Cottage
How to participate: you can donate to Ben & Sarita's honeymoon registry by 3 different ways:
- drop off donation at the wedding reception. Look for the big Hawaiian bowl!
- mail a check today to:      Ben & Sarita
                                      4623 Greene St
                                   San Diego CA 92107
- Alternatively, we can set up a PayPal option, contact us if needed.

Fly Us to the (Honey) Moon
Although not the most exciting part of the trip,
the honeymoon wouldn't be possible without it!!
                                                                   Price per gift: $75